Trouble with NEC ND 6650A

Have just purchased the above dvd drive for my notebook, but windows cant find any software for it, my notebook is a Packard Bell K5285, ive upgraded the bios to v1.06 but its still in device manager with a big yellow ? next to it, can someone please help me?? I read on the PB help forum that someone else managed to get this drive working on the same notebook, by installing new firmware from liggy and dee’s website but im not sure which to download, when i download a a firmware upgrade and extract the zip there isnt anything in the zip files! whats going on there?

thanks guys from a very stuck noob!

Driver comes with the OS.

Probably the firmware is not the one that’s necessary to make the drive working in your computer.

Laptop drive firmwares are connection type specific.

so is there anything you can suggest i do?

First a late welcome. :slight_smile:

Read this thread carefully before you begin messing with your drive.

Is your new drive an internal burner ?

The following has worked for me before -

Open Device Mananger and remove the IDE controller used by the burner.
Reboot and Windows should reinstall the IDE controller software and hopefully recognise your new drive.