Trouble with NEC ND-3500A in Plumax external enclosure

I bought this drive from this guy narro on ebay and it came installed in a
Plumax PM-525U2-PCS external drive enclosure. I’m using the Win XP operating system and everything should be fine with plug n play and all but it doesn’t work for me. The whole rig is detected and installed as a ‘USB mass storage device’. A ‘CD ROM’ drive is added, but it doesn’t work for even reading CDs or DVDs let alone burning. I was thinking maybe the idiot installed it in the enclosure incorrectly so I thought about removing the drive from the enclosure but I can’t figuere out how to do it. If anybody knows how to do it can you try to explain it to me. I’m eager to use this thing.

You might need to update the firmware on the Prolific chipset in the enclosure. This website has the most recent firmware and ROMWriter for the B and C chipsets, which are the only ones that can be updated.

Also, you might want to look through this thread:

This has a lot of good info on updating the Plumax enclosures. You will mainly see info on the USB2.0/Firewire case, which I have, but it should help.

When you update the Plumax firmware, use ROMWriter 2.0.4. Then, once you reboot the drive, use version 2.2.0 to verify the update.

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You may wish to consult this thread: [thread]119149[/thread]

Hmm, that thread really hasn’t helped. Have you ever heard of the drive being detected as _JEC DRD(RS JD)3100AC USB DEVICE as a component under the USB mass storage device? In the state its in it won’t read or write. I tried it on a friends computer and exactly the same thing happened. I tried to flash the ‘firmware’ but it isn’t working out. I get the ‘cannot find or connect to device’ mesage.


Possibly the jumper pin is not set correctly on the drive?
Remove the drive from the enclosure and set it to master, then reinstall.

Interesting… DealSonic claims this enclosure hosts a Cypress chip. :confused:

lordvr, you maybe better open the enclosure and check this up. :slight_smile:

I didn’t notice that…I thought that one was also Prolific. :o

How do you open it up?