Trouble with NEC drives and +RW media

I seem to have trouble with DVD+RW media and my 2 NEC drives, a 2520A and a 3520AW. The behavior is as follows:

When I insert a blank disc, it is usually able to load. But sometimes, when I insert the disc, the drive light never goes out and I can’t access the drive. The only thing I can do is an eject.

Then if I am able to load the disc, and do a burn, I almost never can load the disc into the drive again, the light will just never go out. The burn is fine, however, because I can play the disc on my set-top DVD player.

I have had both drives on 2 PC’s and in an external USB 2.0 enclosure and they exhibit the same behavior, so I don’t think it is something with the PC.

The media I have tried is Memorex (RICOHJPNW11) 2.4x and Maxell (INFODISCA01) 4x.

It would be nice to be able to use eraseable media, because I play around with home video and I like to be able to re-use my discs. These drives work fine with a variety of +R media I have tried.

Has anyone else observed such a behavior?

Thanks for any help.


Isn’t that the usual light-“bug” we know??

Can someone comment on this further? I tried searching the forum for the light bug, but didn’t find anything. I only have the problem with +R/W media, not +R.


The only LED bug that i know of is the hard drive LED lighting at the same time as the burner try’s to access a disc. This should not cause your problem though. It could be the +RW is damaged in some way.

Could be that some installed 3rd party burning software is preventing the drive from refreshing the content of the inserted media. Also Auto-Insert-Notification could be disabled.