Trouble with my NU DDW-081 burner



am i doing something wrong? I installed it correctly… all the drivers were installed, i even trouble shot it. but all it’ll do is read normal CDs and dvd movies… but when it comes down to when i want to burn something, i’ll put in a DVD-R and it’ll keep saying “insert blank media.” like if it doesn’t recgonize the disk… kinda weird… can anyone help??


Upgrade your firmware to version 375 HERE , this will upgrade your DDW-081 to a DDW-082 and give you the best available firmware for the drive. In the future, buy DVD+R media as these NuTech drives are much, much better with DVD+R media. Your DVD-R media may be recognized as blank media after a firmware upgrade, but you will generally get poor results using DVD-R media with the DDW-081/082.

Good luck! :iagree:


Thanks for the deatiled message and quick response… now when u said…

[I]buy DVD+R media as these NuTech drives are much, much better with DVD+R media[/I]

I didnt understand it because i am using DVD-R disc. but when i put it in the dvd slot, it wont read or even notice that it’s there…


I meant exactly what I said, buy DVD+R media instead of DVD-R media in the future.

Did you flash your drive with the new firmware yet?


NU DDW-081 only support DVD+R media.

You have to update firmware to 375, as DJMind suggested to get support for DVD-R.


Thanks for the help guys…
so i downloaded and upgraded to the 375 firmware, got a DVD+R not a DVD-R media, and stuck it into the drive… and it still doesn’t read it… like if it’s invisable…

now when i installed the DVD-rw drive… i know there’s a jumper in there that lets ya pick “slave” “master” or “select” I have it on the “select”… is that correct?



You need to do some research on IDE master and slave configurations, or maybe someone here has the time to explain it to you.


Don’t use cable select.

Move the jumper to Master.