Trouble with my NEC 3500



I recieved a nec 3500 for xmas. I installed dvd shrink and updated the firmware (one made or atleast put out by someone named ?iggy?) I am running into some problems. I let it do its analysis of the disk and then click the actual movie section, not the menus, and hit backup. From there I just leave everything and start. A message pops up saying “Copywrite protection error” followed by something about an error occuring with the I/O device. What is going on?

If anymore info is needed to help just let me know. I really have no preference in ripping programs so if there is one that may rid me of this problem please let me know.




Use “google” to find the latest version of DVDdecrypter - decrypt first - then use your shrink

Merry Christmas-



U got to take the copy protection off first before you can back up movies… Use DVD DECRYPTER to remove copy protection then use DVD SHrink or DVD 2 One to fit the movie on a 4.7gb disc. This should do the trick!