Trouble with my Homepage




I have a little question because iam new in building pages. i have links on my site, but they dont open a new windows how i would like to.
I`m using dreamweaver2. can anybody help me.
Does anybody know where to get cool stuff like messageboards or counters??

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For a counter try I use it in my page.



Thankz Softhouse!
These counters are really good.
But i need to know how to open new browser windows, because i want to keep the visitors on my site.


If you want to make a link appear in a new window, do the following (I use DW3)
Highlight your link (I mean press on it) In the same “window” (the one which you can you can see: src, link, align , alt,…you also see TARGET, and there you have to choose _top!! And your link will appear in a new window.
Hope I could help

Greetz Liquidsky


Pfui, du Arschloch, Wichser, Hurensohn!
Weisst ja, wir haben noch eine Rechnung offen! Du schickst mir nie nochmal ein Virus! LOL Weil dein PC bald nur noch


Thankz LIqidsky!!
It`s the _blank buttom. But i wouldn´t have thought of the target-buttom without your help.


an example of a link opening in a new window with javascript and without statusbar IR buttons and so, if you need it just rip it from the source code its a small index.html page so it wont be hard to get it

and yeah you may do it its my site

be sure to rip it from the index.html page not from the new opened window