Trouble with my dvd on my laptop

I have a Toshiba Satellite P15-S409 Pentium 4 2.8GHz HT 512MB DVD-RAM Laptop. The dvd unit dose not work. It tells me that I have a i/o error. and listed the dvd drive as a dvd-ram drive. I’m running windows xp 2. does anyone have this problem? What can I do to fix this? Thanks…

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you need to give use a little more info on what the drive is doing.
Will it play CD’s?
Will it play DVD’s but not record them? :confused:

It will not play When I put a cd or dvd can feel it spinning then the hard drive light comes on then the dvd drive light come on then turns off.

hello i have having a similar problem with my laptop!!! I have the P15 - s408 as well but i can not even open my cd/dvd drive!!!
I am running XP with service pack 2 as well. I can not open the drive and wehn i open it witha paper clip and put a cd in it will not read the disk!!! Please i need some help should i replace the actual device or is there some new driver for me to download??

Michael I am new to this forum so hello to all and thank you for the help…:frowning:

Does the drive still show up in My Computer? If it does, right click on the drive and hit Eject and see if it will open the drive for you.

Right click on My Computer icon, Properties, Hardware, Device Manager and see if there are any yellow warning icons next to the cd/dvd drive listed there. Probably won’t be, but it is something to check.

You could also try uninstalling the cd drive while in Device Manager and see if the operating system will reinstall it when you reboot.

And you might have to go into the bios and see if the drive shows up in there. Check your manual on how to access the bios as you boot up.

The drive may have died too. So that is certainly a possibility.

And as a side note…very odd to see Wobble’s machine gun kitty showing up again in a thread