Trouble with my burner..need help,pleaseeee!

Ok, I have a sont dru-710a burner,have it for about a year now. never had a problem with it till last week. I use dvd decrypter and dvd shrink to burn movies, but last week when i went to burn ,my burner was only burning at 0.9x speed instead of the 8x speed i usually burn at,and when i play the movie in my sony dvd player it comes up on the screen ( C:13:70) The disk is dirty. i checked my dma settings to see if they crashed as ive heard this could be the culprit,they were pio so i changed them back to dma only. Ok, so now the burner says burning at 8x speed but im still getting the error message on my player when i play them. i use memorex 8x dvd+r’s ,ive never had a problem with them before, im just at my wits end trying to figure this problem out. If anyone could help me figure this out, Iwould kiss the ground you walk on. please lend me a hand.

Your Sony is a rebadged Liteon 1633/53 so you should be able to scan the discs. Get CDSpeed and run a quality scan at 4X and post the results. Memorex media can be a problem but I don’t want to just say that without proof.

Do you want me to run the test on a blank or one thats already burned?

Quality scan will only make sense on a burnt/pressed media.

Install any new software or harware? Something has been installed on your computer or you have bad hardware that is causing it to go back to PIO mode. Burner, cable MOBO?