Trouble with my 5005

Hi, I am new to this forum, but have browsed the forum frequently. I bought myself the liteon5005 and after about 30 disks am having trouble. What happens is after I have recorded the video sometimes seems to freeze up but actually the player part is working. Sometimes the video is choppy or pixcelled and the audio is choppy at time. Any ideas what the problem might be? Does the lens need to be cleaned? How does one clean it should it be the problem? Is the laser at the at the end of it’s life?
Any help would be great!

Sorry but I have to ask some questions:
Does the disc freeze up on the LiteOn or on another player?
What media are you using? Did you try another disc or brand?
what is the serial number or firmware version?
what speed are you recording at 2,3,4,6 hour?
do you have the same problem with discs recordered earlyer or with other discs?

Laser sould last much longer than 30 discs.
Cleaning best done with a cleaning disc, I do mine once a week as I smoke.
I replaced the drive in my 5005 with a new SOHW 1693s so now have very few problems.

don’t try a liquid cleaner on the laser lens

The disk seems to freeze up on both liteon and another machine.
I am using memorex 8x. I have not tryed another brand just a different spindle of the same.
sn 0102-1840-0098-b203 (xxx-xxxx)
I just noticed lately it was 2 and 3hr recording mode and never noticed it till a short time ago.

I am testing it to find out if it does that ion all modes.
How hard and how much work is it to change the drive as you stated? What make is the SOHW 1693s ???

SOHW 1693s is LiteONs newest DL drive.
I had very bad luck with Memorex media mostly with +RWs

@dude5005 - your way behind in the drive firmware. It is up to 0098-B208 and 0101-B20G. Try doing an update to the firmware before you replace the drive. Keep doing them until you see the 1101/0101 firmware update. The 1101/0101 system update gives the 0101 fw which ILo does not work on for MV. It also includes a drive fw update to B20G. You can go back to the 098 system fw by running the March 05 098 update and keep the B20G fw for the drive. Just a suggestion, if you want to replace the drive without trying it’s up to you.