Trouble with model numbers (Recommend New LG Drive)


I have a LG H10A crossflashed to H12N which works perfectly.
I use only +R (Yuden T02/T03, Verbatim MCC04) and every burn is excellent.

Now, i want to get another for a second pc.

I can buy on of the following:

  1. H12N 29Eur 18x +R/-R, 10x/8x +DL/-DL, 8x/6x +RW/-RW
  2. H22N 29Eur same as H12N except 8x +DL
  3. H42N 21Eur same as H12N except 10x -DL
  4. H44N 27Eur same as H42N
  5. H50L 32Eur same as H42N/H44N (I don’t take lightscribe into account)
  6. H55N 34Eur has 20x +R/-R
  7. H62N 31Eur same as H42N/H44N/H50L except SATA

Money is not an issue, i just don’t understand the differences between them.
H22N has a greater model number than H12N but has lower specs.
3 Models (H42N,H44N,H50L) seem exactly the same (I searched the forum
here and found that some models have vista support but i don’t care about
that because i don’t use windows at all)

  1. Can you please clarify the differences (or point me to some url which
    does) ?

  2. Does the H44N fix something over the H42N (like the cd-r C2 errors i read
    about) ?

  3. Does the H62N have native SATA interface or does it use some kind of
    adapter/bridge ?

I am between H42N/H44N, H55N for the 20x, H62N for the SATA interface.

I would like to read your opinions.
I tried to search the forum before i post so that i don’t ask already answered
questions. I am sorry if i missed something.

Thank you for your time.

H12 is like the H22, but with different chipset (Renesas<-> Panasonic)
H50 is the successor of H22 and H55 the successor of H50 (all Panasonic)
H42 is like a better H12, and i think is the H44 is the same with vista support and other software bundle. (all renesas)
H62 i think its like H42 but with SATA.

correct me if i am wrong

It sure would be handy to have a thread covering the experiences of the owners of each individual drive, sort of a guide for future buyers to help them choose the best drive :slight_smile: