Trouble with MGM backups



I have been making backups of my kids DVDs for quite some time using InstantCopy v8 and am having trouble lately with a couple of MGM discs. When I make a complete backup, some of the players get hung up on the short MGM studio logo/clip that plays in the beginning. When I copy the main movie only this doesn’t happen obviously. Even though this is a way around it I would like to try and understand what is going on.

When I put the copied movies in the player they all start to play (screen changes from the initializing screen) then I can hear the drive doing a lot of searching. After some period of time some of the players get past it and others do not.

This is happening on Popeye and Much Ado About Nothing. I’ve used Roxio EMC7 and InstantCopy 8, and both do the same thing.

Any help would be appreciated.

LiteOn 832S
Bitsetting DVD+R


I have been digging a little further and there appear to be three Pre Commands of the type Set GPreg<x> mov (Set-val)<xxx> before a fourth which jumps to a Title set. Does anyone know what these commands are for? I am going to eliminate them and then re-encode to see what happens.