Trouble with media player

I’m not sure of the Aspire model number but the one I chose is close enough. When I put a DVD into the drive, it reacts with short bursts of buzzing a number of times and the cursor shows waiting for response. When I press play in this stage I get "windows media player-not responding. I recently installed a webcam and that is when the problem started I think. From what I have been reading in the forums, that may be my problem but I need to fix the player. I miss my Eagles DVD.

Have you tried uninstalling the web cam? Or restoring to a point prior to that installation?

You could also try playing the dvd with another media player. VLC and Media Player Classic HomeCinema are both free and capable of playing dvds. In fact, you should try one of them as a test of the drive itself.

I tried several different media player downloads including the two you offered and another one called SMplayer. Unfortunately, none of them worked. I have no problem running downloaded video or those made from webcam. I have done a clean boot and also re-registered drivers from command prompt. All the processes confirm no problems or errors in the drives or software. Still… I get no response other than buzzes and whirs from the player when I install DVD’s. But, every once in a while it will play the DVD but only like after 10 or 15 tries. I have deleted all webcam software from the system with no improvement as result.

See if it will play a bootable dvd or cd when you start up the computer.

An operating system disk will work for this, like a live Linux cd, or a Windows install disk. You could also use something like the Ultimate Boot cd

What this will do is test the drive outside of the operating system. It will determine whether the drive itself is at fault or if you have a purely software problem.