Trouble with max payne iso

i have an iso of max payne but am having trouble burning it. i have never used clonecd before. i have the 3 seperate files. Maxpayne.ccd - 1kb,Maxpayne.img-823mb,Maxpayne.sub-33mb
i have tried to burn it with the default settings that clonecd starts with. i dont know if im supposed to changed something so that it will write the .sub file or sumthin. please help

Just start CloneCD and press the second button. Open your .CCD file and CloneCD will do the rest. It doesn’t matter that your image is 823MB because in the end it will be about 697MB on the CD-R. CloneCD will automatically use the other .IMG and .SUB file.

Please note that CloneCD images sometimes require compatible hardware to burn properlly… Images can be made of games that are copy-protected so in the Max Payne case it will have the SafeDisc 2 protection. But if the image was created from a pre-cracked game your fine.