Trouble with matshita dvd-r uj-85j

I will introduce myself by simply saying as a printing services manager I do a lot of graphic design. I’m one of those relics that has weathered the transition from cut and paste (literally) to download and design. I do enjoy it though.

I have a problem though. I am running XP on a iMac via boot camp. It has been one of the most trouble free arrangements I have ever encountered. But about two weeks ago the sound on the XP side (matshita dvd-r uj-85j) started sounding very tinny, almost trumpet like and with a fluctuating speed. Trying to play DVD is the same result except you can see the effects in the image. If I play the same hardware (matshita dvd-r uj-85j) on the Mac side it sounds fine. Oddly enough if I copy my sc to my hard drive it will sound terrible while transferring but sound fine when the copied file is played off the hard drive.

It has been suggested to reload the drivers but I have had no luck finding them on the net. Well that’s my story CD guru’s. Can anyone help me with a solution. Sorry for the length. Thanks in advance Rustin

By drivers, I assume you mean the audio drivers? You will need to determine if you are using onboard audio or a soundcard. You will then need to know the brand/model/chipset. Then you can get the drivers from the hardware manufacturer or the chipset manufacturer.