Trouble with lifebook c1110

hi ive had this c1110 for about 3 yrs and ho hassle whatsoever until about 6 months ago it started to act up when coming back out of standby. it would just sit there and not get back into windows and force me to hold down the power button and do a full reboot.

recently it started having problems even powering up at all. i would touch the power button and all that would happen was the fans would start spinning (much louder than normal operation btw) but the screeen wouldnt work and it wouldnt boot into windows.

Now it has stopped powering up at all showing the same symptoms as shown above. Unless that is i try boot it up while it is upside down!!

When i touch the power button while it is exactly upside down it will boot almost as far as windows, giving me the light blue screen that you see just before you get into your desktop and icons etc.

Isnt that strange? does anyone have any idea’s what might cause this and how to fix an other wise good reliable laptop?

I have tried booting it with no battery (just plugged in), no ram, no hdd or any components really and it shows the same behaviour. It just hangs there with the fan buzzing loudly. So thats all of those components out of the way it must be something on the mainboard

I suspect all the times where i held down the power switch when the laptop would come out of standy have affected it some how.

any tips? or any idea’s where i might get a dissassembly guide for a lifebook c series? the fujitsu site isnt easy to search? I have it almost dissassembled but for one or two clips i havent found yet

thanks for your help