Trouble with LG 4163b

Lets try again,
My LG 4163b burns as high as 13x using dvd decrypter on verbatim 16x media (MCC004), not to mention decrypter lists the disc write speeds as this:

Supported Write Speeds: 4x, 8x, 8x, 12x, 12x, 16x, 16x :confused:

I have no idea why they are listed twice, but it bothers me more that it wont make 16x on mcc 004.
Anyone else have this problem or know what any of this can mean?
Hasnt anyone else noticed that the burn speeds for these and MANY other discs are listed in double like this with the LG 4163??
I am desparate, I have reinstalled windows, as a finally resort and it didnt change a thing. I cant keep testing 16x disc everytime I try some new small tweak in hopes that it will fix this, because I have little money to spend on $30/25 pack dvdrs.
PLEASE, can someone shed some light on this. Maybe its normal for this behaviour, and I can put my mind at ease, if not, I would like to return the LG before its too late, and I lose my money.
thanks in advance,

EDIT: I forgot to mention that it does only takes 5:50-6:00 minutes to burn a dvd rip (main movie, full 4.47GB dvd+r) with this drive, so is that not 16x? It lists the locking in at 12x after the buffers goes nuts and drain to nothing then go back up. Maybe dvd decrypter has a problem showing correct info with this drive.


No this is not normal. Is it the same burner which refused the firmware upgrade?
Have it RMAed.

What is not normal? The double list of write speeds? I noticed on the LG forum some else post a list from their drive and it also had them listed in dupicate.
I dont understand why I cant get any response in this forum. I mean if someone posts a question as trivial as looking for the weight of a drive made 3 years ago, everyone jumps at the chance to post links for the answer. Why cant i get some simple yes or no’s from people who own these drives??
I know have the mods own this model. WTF!!!

The multiple speed listings is normal with this drive. I have one and I get the same.

Two degrees, thank you VERY much I needed to know that. :bow:
Also thanks for the link with the media tests. I dont speak the language that its presented in , but I can see that, even with my newer FW than is used there, that the MCC004 (Verbatim 16x) media is behaving the same way that it does with my burner, so I dont believe thats mine is damaged. I can’t reach 16x at all with that media also.

I mean the 13x burn and the buffer going nuts. How about the benq? can u do 16x? Have you tried other 16x media on the LG? Do you get this prob only with dvd decrypter?

Its hard too tell if nERO is really burning at 16x, because it says you start at 16x which isnt true.

have you tried to use create data disk with Nero cd dvd speed?
You’ll get a graph of the start avg and max write speed from nero. see post 536
there are some pictures of the resulting graphs in that thread also.