Trouble With L&W SVU Backup



Hi All,

I’ve been using CloneDVD for a while now and have had great results and very few problems but recently while trying to backup Law&Order SVU I keep getting a cyclic redundency error to clean the disk and try again. I just bought the dvds so they’re brand new and they play fine in any player or computer I put them in. I have the newest version of CloneDVD & AnyDVD but it still gives me the error message. Any suggestions?

Also I was able to backup L&W 03-04 Season but for some reason it will not play in my Plextor 716-UF, I have a Plextor 712-A which it will work in after a while but does a lot of spinning up and down before the movie eventually will play, the strange thing is it will start right up in my laptop dvd drive without a problem. The kicker is I used the 716-UF to make the backup in the first place!!!

I was also wondering what Olli would consider the best optical drive or drives for use with CloneDVD? I’m currently using a Plextor 716-UF, Plextor 712-A, Sony DRU-500AX, and I believe my laptop drive is a Toshiba. Is there a drive that excels at ripping enough to consider it to be used in conjunction with another drive to get the best speed possible on ripping and burning???

Thanks All, Rodney



First let me say welcome to the cdfreaks forums!

I have had many crc errors with clonedvd while trying to back up tv series disc also.
Most responses told me the disc was sratched or dirty… but in fact they were brand new and not scratched.
The “O.C. seeason 1” and “Magnum P.I. season 1” come to mind. As I remember, I also tried DVDshrink and Nero recode when clonedvd wouldnt do it, and they also failed.

Then I processed them using VoB blanker. Then I reprocessed those files with clonedvd and Viola! everything copied and played just fine! VOB blanker is freeware. here is the link for the dl:

Also here is the link to the user’s guide for it.

I don’t know the technical rasons for the crc errors when trying to back up these multi episode dvd’s, but I know this vob blanker tool works with these stubborn disc.


Hello Hammer Head,

Thanks for the greeting I’m looking forward to learning more myself about backing up my movie collection.

I’m going to give vobblanker a try and I’ll let you know how I make out.

Thanks Again, Rodney


Hello Hammer Head,

Thanks for the help Vobblanker worked great!!!

                                                            Thanks, Rodney


Glad I could help. Although with 100 episodes of L&O on a week on cable and satelitte here in the US, I wonder why anyone would build an archive…LOL j/k.


Hi Hammer Head,

Actually I’m backing them up to take to work when I have a break or at lunch I play them on my laptop,not really time to watch a whole movie, plus I don’t like to take the originals to work. As for watching them on TV I have kids so if it’s not on Nick or Disney I don’t see anything until after the kids are in bed… Plus it bothered me that I couldn’t back it up never had that happen before. Thanks again for the help now I have another tool in my arsenal…
Later, Rodney