Trouble with k12RA and RW 4X



hi there!!!

i’ve just bought some verbatim dvd -rw 4x but my pioneer dvr -k12ra, on board on an acer 1353LM, but, I didn’t know anything about compatibility regardin speed.

as I saw on verbatim site, it seems that this optical unit, doesn’t burn 4x rewritable discs, I hoped there was a firmware upgrade that will make my dvr k12ra able to burn 4x rw, but, at the moment even if i read something about v1.05, I’m still at v1.01

can anyone help me to upgrade (if possible) my writer so I can use 4x rw dvd???

thank you all in advance


SONY has released 1.10 for their OEM drives but I’ve not seen one from ACER…