Trouble with IDE1008 with DVD-RW

Help, folks!

I am new at this forum but I am having problems with using DVD-RW discs. I can write DVD-R discs but every time I try to use DVD-RW they bomb out. I need to use DVD-RW as this is what the TV station uses for my show. Below is information on my computer and software:

640MB Ram
160GB HD
Windows XP Home
Using Rozio Cd & DVD Creator 6
Version 0658 firmware on IDE1008
DMA enabled
Master on secondary IDe

If you need more info on my computer, I’ll be glad to provide.

I have tried 2 different brands of DVD-RW in my drive. I tried Sony first and ended up making about 6 coasters. This was before finding out about the MID code. Since started reading on this site, I made list of MID’s that were supposed to work. One of these was Memorex DVD-RW 1x-2x. I bought these at Walmart, went home, loaded one and ran DVDInfoPro. It came back with a MID RITEKW01 which is not on the MID list for the IDE1008 even though the MID list showed Memorex as one of the brands that would worked. I made two coasters trying to just copy one of my DVD to these DVD-RW.

My question is this. Am I just still having trouble finding compatible discs and haven’t found the right ones? I live in a small town in New England and the only stores we have is Walmart(a small one) and a Staples. Staples had the Sony and Walmart Memorex.

If this is true, can someone please give me a reliable internet dealer that I can order from. I don’t want to use Ebay as they seem to have mainly the junk stuff.

Thanks for all of the help.

coasters on a DVD-RW? How did you manage that? :stuck_out_tongue:
If a DVD-RW burn fails, just reformat the disc and it’s good as new!

Any chance you can use DVD+RW instead? They write faster (4X) and usually have less problems…

They’re coasters right now because I can’t use them. I can’t format or reformat them. As far as DVD+RW, no go as the studio uses a special player that only accepts DVD-R or DVD-RW.

ok, you are using RITEKW01 Media and FW 0658, this media is new added in FW 0758 (changelog so try the update and have success.

you can also use +r and the bitsetting tool from drvupdate you can set the booktype to DVD-ROM your special player should then be able to read the disks also.

there are many webstores showing the mid´s of the medias they sell. the drive supportet mid´s can be found here.

Hurrah!! I was able to write a DVD-RW disc. Here is what I had to change. Upgraded to firmware 0758. Then I did a clean uninstall of Easy Creator 6 and threw the install disc out the window(not really but felt like it). Installed Nero 5.5 that came woth the drive and was able to write a disc. I have never used nero before so I got a learning curve but now it is no longer frustrating but enjoyable.

Thanks for the help.