Trouble with Galactic Battlegrounds

Hi all, I am fairly new to this site and burning in general so bear with me a bit.

I read the main stickey pages on settings etc, and I have been able to burn a few disks for backups however galactic battlegrounds is given me problems. I can burn the cd, however only my burner can read it, and the game itself is laggy when I use the backup. I have not experienced this problem with other games I burned. I switched my settings to canada and I have follwed every guidline I have found.

I am using clonecd v4 and to my knowledge have all the settings correct (I had been using version 3 until today), I am using a LiteOn burner 321123s, I bought it with the understanding that it would be good for burning protected games.

I believe this game uses safe disk 2, and I have used those settings. I have tried it on the old version 3 and upgraded to see if that would help, I have enough coasters now and wanted to ask for help.

Thanks in advance, if I am leaving anything out please let me know and I’ll provide it asap.

Switch FES to “on”. If the usual read errors are encountered then it’s SD. If not, it’s SecuROM. Follow the settings in the Forum Sticky

  • You may need an 80’ disc[]If you have a VIA chipset, update to the latest 4in1[]Run everything in DMA (Device Manager)[]Connect ATA66+ devices with a 40 pin/80 wire IDE cable (Blue, grey, black connectors)[]upgrade the FW to the latest :slight_smile:

Australian version of ‘Galactic Battlegrounds’ is not protected by anything.
If you do see errors in your log I suggest either: Slowing the read speed or Increasing the number of retries in ‘FES’ settings…

I have yet to use CloneCD 4 so excuse me if these settings are different.


Originally posted by KitnaIsntHappy
I have yet to use CloneCD 4 so excuse me if these settings are different.
OT but CloneCD 4 has the same functions but they’re hidden more for newbie’s. CloneCD just has some more options (regenerate ECC data, only read first session, automatic FES).

Thanx G@M3FR3@K.


how do i play the game without a cd seeing that i downloaded the files from a torrent and installed it but whenever i go to play it says insert game cd which i dont have

Just buy the original version. :cop:

^ Indeed, and since this thread is over 6 years old I think it’s time it was closed.