Trouble with firmware upgrade on 1650

I’M having problems with the firmware and hope somebody can help me out. I upgraded to BCIC and the results were horrible so I went back to BCDC and the results stayed the same. Most of the quality scans have been 0 but they still seem to play okay. I have always left Qsuite on default settings and have had good results in the past, one thing I notice is that my computer freezes after a firmware upgrade when it tries to reboot & I have to manually shut it down. I tried to upgrade BCDC over the top of BCDC and this is the first burn since doing that, still not working.

When I checked the BenQ US support site all I could find was BCDC firmware listed, I downloaded BCIC off a link on this site. Any help would be appreciated. Ron

Go try BCFC. I find that the most stable firmware for me.

BCFC firmware here.

Having the firmware flash freeze is not good. Make sure the burner is empty (no disc) when flashing. Try cleaning the Solid Burn EEPROM. Are you using Qsuite ver 2.1? Don’t know what else to suggest.

I also see BCHC. Has anyone tested this FW?

Follow this link, it’s about BCHB but both (BCHC and BCHB) claim the same update reason; “Update Writing Strategy”.

BTW, you’ll find BCHC on BenQ Europe page and BCHC.RPC1 from The Dangerous Brothers. :slight_smile:


I deleted Qsuite 2.1 and reloaded it just in case that was causing any problems, also reflashed with BCIC and made one burn that was not a full disk. Everything seems fine till it gets toward the end of the disk, thats where the other problem disks started acting up. I’m almost to the end of my 50 pack of disks and will try a Ty T02 from a new batch on my next burn.

Thanks for the help, Ron