Trouble with dvdshrink/nero6



hi guys, new to the forum. I was reading around and couldn’t find anything on my situation.

I have a Sony Vaio VGN-FE690 and it came with a dvd burner Pioneer DVD RW

I have installed Nero 6 and Dvdshrink, on my friends computer we burn dvd’s no problem. But on my laptop when I click “Back up” on Dvd shrink it brings me to the next tab where I’m suppose to choose my back up target. For some reason my Dvd burner isn’t showing in the drop down menu. Only Hard Disk Folder and Image recorder are showing. I was hoping you guys could help me out on how to get it registering on dvd shrink or Nero, it doesn’t show up on both.

Or if you guys have suggestions on different programs I should use, I used Dvd shrink and made a copy of the movie in a folder on my computer no problem, it’s the burning process thats the issue. thannks again.


I suggest you to select an image/iso on the harddisk for the target and then afterwards burn the image to a dvd.

Does another good burning app like [B]ImgBurn[/B] see your burner?

Does the BIOS recognize your burner?


If your Nero is an OEM it will most likely not work on your system. It will be looking for the burner that it came with…


When you ripping with Shrink clicking backup bottom you should see your hard drive/drives and the directory that you want to have the ripped file to be located there. Make sure your drive has been displayed in DVD Shrink window.


It’s most likely that in DVD Shrink you’ve not enabled the burn with Nero option. Or you’re using Nero which won’t work with Shrink.