Trouble with DVDFab - Backup DVD's to ipod

Love DVDFab software, used several times to backup dvd’s to avi’s without any problems. Have started making copies of dvd’s to mpeg4 to play on ipod. Worked fine (mpeg4) until the recent upgrades to & Now when I backup to mpeg4 & h264, they will not play on ipod (itunes says that files cannot be played on ipod).
The ipod TV output select in DVDFab is very cool and easier, yet the file size ends up much different than what is projected in the video format pane, and the files will not transfer to ipod. So I did a clean uninstall of and reinstalled and mpeg4 files transfer and play fine on ipod. The h264 files freeze, though.
Then I installed on 2 other computers with high-end specs, and same thing- cannot play on ipod. Clean uninstall on each, reinstalled–> mpeg4 files play fine, h264 files freeze. Rather than bother everyone on the forum, I tried all these different means to troubleshoot, including many different DVD’s with same sequence (from Mary Poppins to Curious George).
Please let me know if I am not thinking straight, or if there is a possible bug.
Huge Thanks in Advance,

I am having the same problem with the new verison 5…0.2.0

I’m having trouble also. Is when I have a DVD in the drive and trying to do a DVD to iPod convert, there’s an error message saying:
“Error=4 (504 4 Encode Video 1003712 200)”. Have you guys gotten this message before? If so, how do you fix this problem?

hi, joeyg

your major problem is the mp4 file cannot accept by iTune ? I will do a test for this, and your iTune and iPod is the newest firmware ?

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I reply your post in your another thread.