Trouble with DVD-RW 6x Verbatim

Is it possible to restore the DVD-RW media into factory condition?

I have bought DVD-RW 6x Verbatim, UPC Code: 023942435242, packaged in jewel case and after an unsuccessful burn I have two coasters :(. The media are no longer recognized by the drive (have tried two: LG GSA4082B & GSA4165). Has something similar happened to anyone else, with the same or a different brand? Have you found any low level software bypassing the drive in order to have it working again?

Thank you for any help.

I don’t think so.
I would recommend to use DVDInfoPro.

Thank you very much, no success so far :frowning:

the 4082 is surely no good choice for such media.
The other drive could work.
Have you tried all options in DVDInfoPro?

At some time or another, I have had various RW media that refused to erase and/or write. Occasionally, I have been able to get the media to function again by using a different ODD to erase it. Sometimes, using a different application to erase the disc has worked. Usually, though, once the disc is not able to erase properly, you are stuck with a coaster.

There is no one thing that will work for all situations. Just try as many ODD’s and applications that can erase RW’s and hopefully one will work for you. If not, then at least you have not lost much financially.

Bottom line, NEVER put anything on a RW that you want to keep, unless there is an additional backup! (ie, for those that use RW to backup work computers on a daily basis, and rotate RW’s each day/week/month)

I have returned after some longer time to check the replies on the topic and I would like to thank you to all the people trying to help. Yes, it seems the discs are coasters, no software managed to erase them properly, even not in 4165 :frowning:

Try very different burners, visit all your friends and try erasing those discs.
I have had this problem too, some drives just can’t erase all the time, some can…

Try with ImgBurn, it has a higher success rate.

IIRC, this option were added into DVDInfoPro…