Trouble with dvd players



No matter how hard i try i cant seem to view some dvds… for example last night i tried to watch starwars ep.4… first of all i tried windvd6 however it asked me to upgrade the interactual player so i tried powerdvd but my pc hanged as soon as i tried to play…
So i finally installed the interactual player bundled with the dvd… however it says to insert a compatible dvd… so i try windvd6 again, this time it says the interactual features of the dvd is already being played by another software. windvd will play the dvd video features. however nothing happens… the screen remains blank…
same thing happened with Starwars ep.5 and 6 however ep.1 and 2 was ok… i was able to watch ep.1 and 2 with interactual player, windvd6 and powerdvd6…
Any ideas about what is going on?..


Place Ep. 5 in DVD-ROM (I used Lite-On SOHD-167T)
Cancel Interactual Player (If installed, uninstall first)
Open My computer
Click “Play with PowerDVD”
Disc should now play. :iagree:


Thank you wizard…
I tried that before too but the “play with powerdvd” option is not there… the right click menu only includes those options associated with normal folders like, search, open, explore etc… :confused:
By the way i was able to play the same dvds about 4 months ago with the same system… the only difference is that i changed Windows XP service pak2 to Windows Media Center Edition…