Trouble with DVD BURNER

I have a PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-K14L burner on my sony VAIO K35 laptop.

and the problem is:
I still can burn DVDs with my computer but my computer wont reconize the DVD it just burned. If i click to the dvd on “my computer” It will say please insert a disc" But if I put this DVD in another DVD Player it will work and will be read very good.
So i guess the problem come from my laptop’s dvd player.
I dont undertand cuz the LAPTOP’S DVD player will read all original dvd and all dvd it burned in the past but not the new ones.

i always use clone dvd and/or roxio…

please help!!!

Didn’t you already start another topic about your burner today? :wink: Oh never mind, it doesn’t matter that much.

To me this sounds like a media problem. What media are you using at the moment (brand, mediacode?) and is it different from the media you have used in the past?

its true i changed the media. i used to use “SONY DVD+R MEDIA” and now I tried with “FUJIFILM DVD-R”, “FUJIFILM DVD+R” and another cheap brand that I return in the store (I forgot the name).

Do u thing I should re-use SONY DVD+R?

i did use the sony dvd+r media and… IT WORKS!
BUT why do i cant use another brand than sony???

I have no doubt you can use other brands than Sony, it just that the Fujifilm you picked up seem to be of low quality or aren’t liked very much by your burner (or both).

To explain a little about media: the brand (Sony, Fujifilm) doesn’t tell you much about what media you have, since most brands get their discs from more than one company. Each disc however is manufactured with a code called the “mediacode” that tells you much more about what your media is. Look here for more info.

Perhaps you could post the mediacodes of your Sony and Fujifilm media so we can comment on it.


the sony disc is

and the fujifilm is

thats funny cuz the program reconize the fujifilm when its blank but not when there is something on it.

In my experience ricohjpn, though not the best media around, is much better than prodisc, so your issues with the Fujifilm media make sense to me.

what do u think is the best media?

Just make sure your media is Made In Japan, and you will be in pretty good shape. If you want high quality media, buy Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim 16x + or - are both good, and Fujifilm MIJ is good.

IMO, good media are:

YUDEN000T02 and TYG02 (Fujifilm, Sony, Taiyo Yuden)
MCC003 and MCC02RG20 (Verbatim, Datawrite)
RICOHJPNR02 (Platinum, Fujifilm, Ricoh)

Keep in mind that some brands sell media made in various factories. Always look at the mediacode first, and then at the brand.

BTW, be carefull with Taiyo Yuden media. Some brands don’t sell real TY media, but fake TY with mediacodes that look real. For more info look here.