Trouble with Dreamer

I’ve been trying to back-up the Movie “Dreamer” for my daughter. I have the latest version of ANYDVD ( and using either DVD Shrink, RatDVD or 1Click. It only copies 1.07 Gig of the movie, and it appears to be only the Bonus Features. The entire movie will play when it is put in a DVD player. It is a one DVD set, so its not that I’m trying to copy the wrong DVD. HELP, while the original is still working.

This is the only movie that is giving me this problem, I backed up UnderWorld Evolution, Pirates of the Caribbean (both 1 & 2), and Cars this weekend.

If you can rip it with DVDShrink with no problem then try to back only the main portion of the movie see if the process goes all the way.

Nothing will rip it, only the Bonus Features show up in the menus.

Suggest you send the IFO’s to Slysoft. Here’s the link to show you how to do that.


Suggest viewing the below Forum posting which I believe will prove to be helpful ->


That did it!!!


Should I re-check that option I turned off after I rip the movie?


Glad you were able to get AnyDVD functioning correctly.

Thank you for retuning to the Forum and informing Members of your status.


Hey I just found this forum tonight, it is already book marked in my browser. I will be back often.