Trouble with down loading windows 10

Hi to all at MyCE
I have a problem downloading windows 10. For the past 3 days I have tried, in vain to install it on my niece’s laptop but all my efforts bore no fruit (as they say). After several hours downloading I get various error messages which Windows say have been fixed. Still, nothing. The latest error code was C1900101-400D. The laptop is Dell Inspiron_3451. can someone help me please?

I don’t really have any help for you. But I didn’t want you to think your request for help was being completely ignored either.

Doing a few Google searches for C1900101-400D, and Dell Inspiron 3451 upgrade to Windows 10 brought so many different solutions, I’m not sure where to start. All I know for certain is that Dell says this laptop can be updated to Windows 10 without issues from drivers.

Some of the things that keep popping up are obvious, like making certain that the computer has no virus or rootkit infections before trying to upgrade. Others include turning off your anti-virus temporarily until the upgrade completes. Many have had issues if they have any type of USB device plugged in.

You should probably do a sfc /scannow in an admin level command prompt before trying to upgrade.

Kerry is correct according to this:

Hi Kerry 56
Thanks for the reply. The trouble lay with me: I was impatient so I interrupted the update several times. Yesterday, I left the laptop on and after about 2 hours the update was completed. Sorry to trouble you and once again, my thanks.