Trouble with DL disks and a 451



I tried to burn a DL disk the other day. I upgraded to the newest code (GC3E) and bought a maxwell DL disk. I used DVD shrink and had the disk set to DVD-ROM, I thought I set everything but the disk will not read in the 451 nor a Sony NS5501P DVD player.

The menus work fine the movie starts but it locks up and I can’t access special features…

Help !!! :confused:


That is the media ID of this disc?


Also do a 4x BLER scan of the disc using [thread=93944]KProbe v2.4.2[/thread] or a 4x quality scan using Nero CD-DVD Speed and post the result.

FYI: To save and attach a KProbe or Nero scan:
After the scan is complete, click the small diskette button on the toolbar or titlebar and at the save as dialog select a file type of .PNG. Attach the saved file to your post by using the “Manage Attachments” button in the “postreply”, “Go Advanced” or “Quotepost” mode.


I have attached the file as requested. Hope this helps the diagnosis of the problems…

The drive hits about 50.9% and then begins “hunting”, I hear it spin up followed by a small clicking and then it will spin up again… over and over. I think that it is having trouble in reading the second layer???


Ah, there’s your problem…

The Philips +R DL media type that you are using is very new; we’re only very recently starting to see people with this media type. Unfortunately, the VS0E firmware, upon which CG3E is based, is too old and does not support this media type. Thus, it is burning with a generic write strategy, hence the poor results.

The only 2S firmware that is known to support this new media type is the VY08 firmware. Use OmniPatcher to patch VY08 for crossflashing and load that onto your drive, and this media type should work…


Here is a NERO DVD Speed test also…




I hope you did not reduce the video size with DVD-Shrink to fit on a single layer DVD to burn it to a double layer DVD.


Just for future reference, scans should be done at 4x speed, which is the cdfreaks’ standard for comparison. :wink: