Trouble with copying Return to Castle wolfenstein

I have check the forums and everyone says RTCW has no protection but I cannot copy it using Nero or Easy CD creator. I get errors every time, I even tried to copy the files using data CD copy and couldnt. What am I doing wrong. I am seeing alot of protection.

Any suggestions:confused:

It’s not protection, but your CD may be in bad condition.

Sometimes it will look fine/barely any scratches, but a scratch or two from the top of the CD will permanently ruin files on the CD (read - PERMANENTLY) And no, if your CD is scratched from the top, you will not be able to repair it using CD cleaner kits.

Or you can make an ISO file of it :slight_smile:

I CloneCD’ed mine and it works perfect :stuck_out_tongue:

The darn thing just just overburned, that the only “protection” if you can call that an protection hehe :wink: