Trouble with copying playstation games

I’m new to Clone CD & Iv’e had limited success with copying games. I can seem to copy everything except playstation games. My playstation has a mod chip but when I burn a copy of the games using clone, the application says a successful copy but when placed in the game console nothing happens. Any help would be appreciated. I have a Sony 40/12/48 CRX195E1 Rewritable burner and a Sony DVD-ROM DDU1611

You don’t say what settings you are using in CloneCD. For PSX game copying you need to set Read sub-channel data from data tracks and Read sub channel data from audio tracks. As far as I can remember these are the only settings you need. Hope this helps.

Playstation are pickt with media. Try some princo, they are sufficiently bad quality disks.

Strange, but low quality disks usually have a higher reflective index, making them more suitable for audio/PSX.

Iv’e tried the preset game setting for clone cd as well as used clony xxl and even tried to use the “clone 4 profiles” for playstation games. I am really new to this and must be doing some little thing wrong to get it wrong. Is it ok to use rewritable discs {Ive got Sony 650mb Rewritable dics up to x4 speed} to copy games? Also should I just do the read and write option using clone 4 or is it better to use just the burner to do both?
Sorry for being an idiot!
One last question - Can you copy backup discs this way or do you need to use the original game each time?

u can copy backup discs this way

you must have a modchip for any of this to be worthwhile

rewrites arent so good.

try 's playstation section

Playstation requrie very highg relefection to work.
Sony used very shoddy pickupos in the playstation, so you need to use cheap media with high reflective index.
IE cheap silver CDR.

CDRW have only around 30% reflctivity of a pressed cd.
hence won’t work well.


I’ll try all your suggestions. Thank you all for your assisatance - it is greatly appreciated from a humble beginner!

Thanks - it seemed the only thing I was doing wrong was my choice of cd - once I changed from a rewritable to a cheap reflective cd things worked fine. Ta muchly for the advice.

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Thanks - it seemed the only thing I was doing wrong was my choice of cd - once I changed from a rewritable to a cheap reflective cd things worked fine. Ta muchly for the advice.

Oh yeah, baby!

Old age has it’s attributes.

ok… so what was the verdict… he said all he was doing wrong was the choice of CD… did he also need the mod chip or no?

maybe you need to down load dvd decrypter if you go onto thier website and go to the dvddcrypter support forum the author lightning uk explains how to copy ps2 games with this software and its free!!!

Modchip always required, unless you have an action replay / other dongle.

There is also a software solution running around the internet somewhere. But it only works for the first CD/DVD that you put in the drive, ie not good for multi-disc games like FF8->FF12

Thanks alot… I have backup up numerous movies and burn them then clonedvd2 just great… but friend of mine asked me if I could back up his ps2 games and I told him I have never checked it out since I don’t own any myself…

I already use dvd decrypter… but I don’t know if there is a different “version” for ps2?..

Also I don’t know if clonedvd2 will work?.. since its really designed for movies?..It does have a clone dvd feature…

but I know these games aren’t dvd’s… So I also have the latest version of nero, and clone cd v 4202