Trouble with Copying Files


I am new to this forum, and I am frustrated with a problem. My user has 2 IBM/Lenovo ThinkCenters (8113D5U) both have LITE-ON COMBO SOHC-4836V drives. Running Multimedia Center for Think Offerings 2.4.13d (RecordNow from Sonic 204b18g) DLA version: 5.1.0 Build 510b15h (IBL) The user takes files (word, excel, QB) copies the files under windows explorer to a CDRW. Sometimes the copy will have no problem; sometimes it will hang up. If successful, the user will open a file from the CDRW and modifly it. After that, the user will try to eject the system would say “please wait while DLA updates”. Then the system will reboot. This happens on both machines. Essentally, the user wants to use CDRW like Floppys and have a disk per client. I am open to suggestions and if needed more info can be provided.

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Could you tell us what brand of CDRW are being used in this scenario…? Also approximately how many days/weeks/months these discs have been used for rewriting?