Trouble with cdrwin- please help!

im trying to copy protect my cds using the cdrwin method thats mentioned in the cd mediaworld article.

I have cdrwin 3.8f(cracked) and a yamaha crw2200e drive.

i follow the instructions exactly and then get the message Error Start DAO recording: command failed on device 1:1:0. Unable to set disc parameters. I am not using RAw mode to write the discs. What is going wrong?

I also tried the different software like CdrProtect and the other software mentioned in the article but the instructions arent clear. Has anyone successfully copy protected a cd? How?

(sorry this is so long. im just so frustrated)

ok so i solved my initial problem by using the aspi drivers that were in my computer instead of the ones supplied with cdrwin. but i even though i cant copy the cd using cdrwin or nero i can still copy the contents using windows explorer. is there any way to stop this? :confused:

If it’s an Audio CD, use an automatic program, they are usually very good.

If it is a Data CD, and you wrote the code on it, disable to the program if the dummy track is not there.

If it is a Data CD that you made of files you downloaded, etc., encrypt them, write a program that checks if the dummy track is there, and if it is, will decrypt and run them.

I am working on a slightly more advanced, automatic version of this to give away as a CD-Protector.

thanks for responding.

what program checks if the dummy track is there?