Trouble with CD-RW's and Plextor 24/10/40A

All of a sudden,my Plextor 24/10/40A drive developped 3 behaviours. First: If I insert a CD-RW disk in the drive, the green LED is on for 10 seconds, then blinks 8 times, is off 2 seconds and blinks again 8 times;and this goes on and on. Second: with some discs, the LED goes off immediately and nothing happens.Third: with other discs, all goes well.
All my backups are on CD-RW’s. I can’t use most of them anymore.
The drive is working perfectly with CD-R’s.The trouble comes only with CD-RW’s.
I have had this “Plextor 24/10/40A” for 2 years and never had troubles.It happened suddenly.
Also used Nero during those 2 years; no troubles.
I updated the driver with the latest update.
DMA is turned on. IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service is started.
System: Windows Xp Pro. Asus A7V266-E . AMD Athlon XP
If somebody has an answer, it would be welcomed.


Green LED blinking 8 times means this, according to Plextor:

[i]Spindle failed
Spindle Motor failed to turn the disc properly

Re-boot your computer. Check again.

-Disconnect interface cable:
-Power off your computer
-Disconnect Interface cable (IDE or SCSI cable) from the drive
-Power on your computer
-Check again

If you still get blinking LED lights after going through the troubleshooting process your drive is most likely defective. Click here for return/repair information. Please reference attempting this test procedure on the RMA request form.[/i]
Does this help?

thank you G@M3FR3@K

I followed all the recommandations but it did not solve the problem .
Then I did something that I should have thought of first. I cleaned the lens.
After that I could open blank CD-RW’s. and CD-R’s
Then I burned CD’s whith the built in XP features ;it worked and I can open them.
Now, I notice that the only CD’s that I can’t use any more are those that were burned with Nero.
Everything is working very well. Now I know: clean the lens frequently.
Thank you for your help

No problem, good to hear your problems are solved!