Trouble with Burnt CD and or CD Drive

I have CD/DVD Drive that is reading a burnt Sims 2 disc with an error or not compatible with windows. If anyone could help me, it has worked on 3 other computers.

Oooooh…Sims 2. I was under the impression of Livin’ Large for some reason :P.

We can help…I just don’t know what version of Safedisc that is, but we can find out!:slight_smile:

Check out this thread:

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Im a little new at this so i have no idea what safe disc yadda yadda acronyms galore. I do have Alchohol 120% Daemon Tools Nero and the works so. I have Liteon LTR whatever that is sooo…hmm

Scratch that My DVD/CD drive is a Matshita my other drive is a Liteon but everytime I put the CD with the image on it in, it spits it out.