Trouble with burning



My Actima 4420 CD-R recorder is givig me trouble. Even at a speed of 2x I get buffer-underrun & write errors. I have formattted the C drive installed W98 again and I have a special 1.7 Gb harddisk partition. What causes these problems.... I now have a collection of failures cd's !


First try to copy your cd to your HD and then burn it. If this doesn’t work then burn a cd at 1x speed. If this doesn work check if DMA is selected(right click my computer, properties, select your writer an click again on proporties)



And stop using EZCD alright.


I agree with that, fust use NERO or cdrWIN!



My old Imation burner did the same, and despite all the troubleshooting, it came down to the burner went bad. I’d check into that if nothing else works, (especially since you’re getting write errors.)