Trouble with booktype on DVD+R DL with 3500

Last night I made my first attempt at burning a double layer DVD with my NEC ND-3500A burner. Used Verbatim DVD+R DL that I was able to get during that Best Buy sale a couple of weeks ago. I did an ISO Read followed by ISO Write with the latest version of DVDD at its default settings. Everything seemed to go fine. Right up until I put the disc in my set top player and it cheerfully reported NO DISC. :sad:

Went back to the PC and when I checked the disc, I noticed that it was not booktyped as DVD-ROM. I am using Liggy’s bitsetting version of the original NEC 2.18 firmware that I downloaded from I had thought that all 3500 firmware bitset +R DL media to DVD-ROM by default so I hadn’t even looked at that before I did the burn. Afterwards when I saw that the burned disc was still booktype DVD+R DL, I checked my firmware with binflash.

The Win32 version of binflash reports:

C:\UTILS\binflash>necflash -querybt F:
Binflash - NEC version - (C) by Herrie and Liggy
Visit -

Currently no disc is inserted
Permanent booktype for DVD+R is DVD-ROM
Permanent booktype for DVD+RW is DVD+RW
Permanent booktype for DVD+R-DL is DVD-ROM
You have 499 changes left to change the permanent booktype settings

I had thought that this meant that no manual manipulation of booktype would be required and that all burns would be booktype DVD-ROM.

The Win32 GUI reports:

I’m not used to using the GUI version so I’m not exactly certain what it means. But since DVD-ROM says “active” for all +R media, it seems to imply that all +R media should be set to DVD-ROM when burned.

I searched the forum and found this post that implies that there is a problem with 2.18. However, I couldn’t find the original source of the quoted information.

Is there a known problem with firmware 2.18 and bitsetting? While I was able to get the DL media at what I felt was a very good price ($1.99 each), I’m not keen on burning another till I get this figured out. My set top DVD player plays +R SL media booktyped as DVD-ROM very well. I am hoping that the reason the player (a Philips 727) wouldn’t recognize the disc was because it wasn’t set as DVD-ROM, and that once I get over this hump, I’ll be good to go.

Have any of you had this same problem with firmware 2.18? Is the fix as simple as changing to 2.1A? I don’t want to have to remember to manually set the booktype in DVDD every time I burn. My memory is such that I know that I would forget. As the guy says on the infomercials, I’d like to be able to “set it and forget it.”

Any help you all could provide would be greatly appreciated. TIA

@ Pudah,

Perchance when you flashed your NEC ND-3500 with the Liggey version 2.18 firmware did you set the permanent book setting of the DVD+R media to DVD-ROM? This not automatically done. You need to initially manually set the Liggey version 2.18 firmware to automatically burn DVD+R media to DVD-ROM. Once the Liggey version 2.18 firmware is set to permanently burn DVD+R media to DVD-ROM each time you burn DVD+R media in will set to DVD-ROM book type setting.

If you have not set your NEC ND-3500 with version Liggey version 2.18 to permanent DVD+R media to DVD-ROM book type setting use NECFlash_Wingui ( and permanently book type set DVD+R media to DVD-ROM.

Best Regards,

Look at your screenshot again. It does not say DVD-ROM active for RW discs. Flash it again.

Thanks for your replies folks.

@bjkg, I did manually set plain +R to DVD-ROM, but I did not manually set +R DL to be bit set to DVD-ROM when I loaded 2.18 because as I mentioned, I believed that to be the default setting. As you can see from the binflash dump, it says that the drive is permanently set to DVD-ROM for +R DL. Are you saying that despite the fact that the info from binflash indicates that the drive is permanently set to DVD-ROM for +R DL, the information is not accurate and that I have to set it again to get it to work even though it says it is already set?

@alan, was your post directed to me or bjkg? Yes, +RW is not set to DVD-ROM. But I’m not too concerned with +RW as my set top player plays +RW media without it being bitset to DVD-ROM. But +R and +R DL are set to DVD-ROM. Are you saying that in order for +R DL to be bitset to DVD-ROM when burned, that +RW also needs to be so marked in the firmware?