Trouble with a new CRX830E in my old Dell Inspiron 8100




My old CRX810E crashed few days ago, so i bought a crx830e!

But the problem is that my pc does’nt want to boot with the new burner…

I explain:

When the new CRX830E is in my Dell Inspiron 8100, the PC won’t boot!
In bios, you can see that both of my hard drive and the cd burner are not recognized!

When i remove the cd burner, the pc will boot and in the bios, you will find the hard disk and “no optical drive found”

I was in BIOS A08, i just flashed to A15…It did nothing!!!

I really need your help toi find a solution!

I bought my CRX830E on which is a good french website… for my Dell Inspiron 8100 laptop!

I have heard about Dell Firmware but i don’t really need it because i can not boot!!!

I asked the same question on and dhc014 told me to try the LiteOn Ide Location Changer… Ok, but it is a windows program and i can not use it because i can not boot with my new crx830e in my old dell inspiron 8100!

Can i do it from DOS, if yes what should i type (i don’t know dos language, sorry about that!)

Thank you very much for your help



Welcome :slight_smile:

Yes dhc014 is correct. The problem is that your drive is set by default to be a master and so is your harddrive. Unfortunately the drives master/secondary switch is not a jumper and needs to be set by software that talks to the drive and sets a value in the drives EEPROM. Even if you could do it from DOS, it would not help as your harddrive will still conflict with the crx830e.

The only solution I can think of is to buy an adaptor for the drive that converts the interface to a standard IDE and then connect the drive to a desktop system and then change it to slave, using the IDE Location Changer, on that system, and then put it back in the laptop. Another possiblity is that a local service center may be able to do it for you.


There might be way to solve your problem without an external adapter. First step is to check if you can boot from your CD drive if the hard disk is removed.