Trouble with a laptop's sd card reader



Okay, here’s my problem. As the title of the topic says, I am using my laptop’s sd card slot. I have been attempting to load it on “my computer,” but whenever I do so, “my computer” stops responding. I have to use the task manager to close the program, and after I do so, my desktop icons vanish from my background for a few seconds. I know that the card reader is working, as the icon of an sd card appears in “my computer”. Should I buy a seperate sd card reader, or am I just doing something wrong? The sd card has never been used, btw. I don’t know exactly what type of sd card I am using, only that it is a Sandisk. If anyone has advice, it would be greatly appreciated.


im just taking a guess here but maybe there’s a limit to the size of the SD card that your laptop supports… so in other words if your using a large capacity SD card … your laptop might not like it.

a good way to test is… if you happen to have a smaller card (say 512MB or so) see if that works… if it does odds are your laptop just dont like large capacity SD cards.

if possible test the card in another PC first just to make SURE it works :wink:

a SD card reader might not be a bad idea… but i would get some other advice first before doing anything :wink:


My problem has been solved. No one needs to comment anymore.