Trouble with 2500, stock firmware and TYG01 @ 8x

Hi everyone,I’ve been lurking for awhile but finally decided to make an account :slight_smile:

Anyhow, I bought a spindle of (25) Maxell 4x DVD-R discs that are actually TYG01s. Everyone seems to be happily burning away at 8x, unfortunately the best I can do with them is 6x :(.

I’ve junked 2 of them @ 8x so far, but they work like a charm @ 6x. Is there any way to ensure better burns? Would flashing to Herrie’s firmware make any difference, or does he use the same strategy as the default firmware on these discs?

I’m using Nero Ultra, FWIW

Thanks in advance.

I also bought a spindle of maxells, which are TG01’s, and use stock firmware and get perfect burns at 8x. Maybe you can try flashing or using a different reader to test quality, also check how it plays in different stand alone dvd players.

I tried reading with my Pioneer DVD-ROM and the 2500a itself, it’s no good on either one. DVDInfoPro does’t like it either, there’s a bunch of errors. I don’t really want to flash it to non-stock firmware unless I know for use it’ll help. I like my warranty fine the way it is :smiley:

Well, I bit the bullet and flashed to Herrie’s firmware and upgraded to Nero, the next disc burned at 8x and reads like a champ.

I would attribute your previous troubles to the older version of Nero rather than the firmware update…
Either way, congrats on the fix! :wink: