Trouble with "24 season 4"

Hi I like 24 very much. I was successful backing up “24 season 3” with DVD43 & 1click DVD copy pro. now that I have the season 4, I wanna back it up too. problem is… I can’t even play it using NERO showtime and my DVD drive don’t even recognize it. anybody successful with this? the disc is region 4 as I’m in NZ.

Try using another drive. Or the dvd may be defective.

I don’t think that the DVD is defective as it plays fine on a DVD player.
I don’t know about my DVD drive but it reads and plays the season 3 just fine.
though I will try it on my cousin’s PC maybe this weekend.
I’m just thinking… is it possible that the DVD is manufactured in such a way that it’s impossible for a DVD drive to recognize it? or something like that?