Trouble wit lite on ldw 811s blinking light

i just installed a lite on ldw 811s and i also installed the last firmware but for some reason the light keeps blinking on the drive and it doesn’t notice any cd’s in the drive. Does anyone know how to fix this problem. Please help

PS. My computer meets all the requirements so that isn’t the problem

Here is my pc specs

CPU: Pentium3 500MHz
OS: Windows xp pro sp2
Memory: 786mb sdram
and deffinitely enough space for burning.

Need more information please.
Does the drive show up correctly in “my computer”?
Does the drive show up correctly in “device manager”?
Have you tried putting a pressed (commericial) music or software cd in the drive? If so, does it do the same thing.
Check device manager/ide’s and make sure they show DMA mode.

i found a similar thread same problem,it was caused by bad firmware flash reflashing worked it out
but of course the drive must be identified otherwise theres nothing to do