Trouble While Encoding Anime

I’m trying to encode an anime series. and am having trouble. In various parts of the series, it will say something in japanese captions (like a name of someone who just debuted in the series) and again above it in English. I’m trying to encode it but all the episodes on the disk are in one title, so I must go by chapter. To the right, it has three audio lanuages, English, English 5.1, and Japanese. In the subpicture field, it has three selections, but they all say undefined.

When I tell DVDfab to encode, it does so, but the english captions do not occur.

Also the one title that contains all the episodes has another “angle.” does this matter? Also, what does it mean by angle.

I think I figured out how to get that subtitle thing on. The first subpicture is the actual captions that is (almost) exactly like the dialogue in the show. The second is a rough translation of the Japanese dialogue. The last is what I was looking for. It give’s a translation of japanese captions, like if a new character is introduced in the series.

I think I’m doing this wrong. Am I?

Doesn’t sound like you are doing anything wrong.

What profile are you using and are you burning the subtitles in or producing an external file?

The profile I’m using (if our definitions of profile is the same) is Mobile, Archos 504/604. I’ve never loaded this file to my device as of yet but I do know that this format works on it, even though I have a 605. I play the out put on my computer and see that the syncronization is ghastly.

I tried using generic with xvid+mp3. It’s still a little off though, by a split second but still much closer. Is this the closest I can get?