Trouble using WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

Hi all I am trying to use WinX DVD Ripper Platinum To Copy a DVD movie of a TV Series to my computer so that I can later watch it on my laptop which doesn’t have a DVD drive. When I try to copy and it gives the list of all the titles it selects Title 3 and when I try to select title 1 I get a popup that says “Title 3 is detected to be the Main title of this DVD, which contains all movie content. You are suggested to choose one main title only. Wrong selection may lead to conversion failure” Hopefully you can see what I mean in the image if it uploads ok. WinX DVD Ripper Platinum was a free download and they offer for a fee for me to upgrade which I might have but they don’t have PayPal listed. I would appreciate any help with this or suggestions of better software.

Does this dvd series have more than one episode on it if it does your will have to select one title at a time to rip looks like it has 4 so start with the first one and then rip the other 3 from the disc.

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Hi ILLP thanks for your response yes there are three episodes on the disk and47 titles I worked out if I clicked continue (47 times) after I got that warning I was able to select all the titles and merge them the only trouble is when I click the start file it says there was an error and I can get in when I click the back arrow but the menu doesn’t work so I would be forever selecting 47 titles as I watch it. I bit the bullet and let it download the trial update and I was prepared to pay if it was OK. The trial took over the free version I had and when I started to rip it said as a trial I can only do a 5 minute movie to evaluate. I have deleted the lot and I am now going to look at Handbrake and see how I go with that.

That is a good idea.

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