Trouble using nero to burn dvds

im trying to put some camcorder footage on a dvd

im using a compaq presario which has a hp dvd writer dvd200i

i go through the process of puting the files on nero and creating thumbnails and such but when it comes to burn the disc it says theres no disc in the drive i have tried 2 types of burnable dvd and nothing so far

any help?


Welcome to CDF!!!

Did you tried upgrading the firmware of your drive. Also try using some quality media.

Hi MU_CAMB_31,
are You using “+R” DVDs?
If I am not wrong, the HP dvd200i writer only works (writing) on +R/+RW DVDs (even if it can be able to read -R DVDs burned with a different writer).
When You insert blank -R DVDs, Windows alerts with a “no disk present” message.

Carlog (Italy)

hi im new to this so here goes,
my laptop is a time 8375 which is a problem i know!
im running nero, and cannot burn data,
it tells me no disk present all the time, yet i can pay dvds cds no problem.
have i a firmware problem or are the disks not suitable?
i need to down load system data on to 6 *700mg disks to give me some space on the hard drive.