Trouble Updating CRW2100E

Hi to all.
I’m a newbie but I often read thread in this forum.

Some days ago I have updated two Mast. without problems:

  1. Asus DVD-ROM E616: da 2.0 —> a 2.2
  2. DVD LG GSA-4081B: da A100 —> a A104

and updated was very useful, especially for 2). :slight_smile:

I have also a CRW2100E so I got a new Firmware in:

and I followed ALL instructions with attention but during flash process
a trouble occurred so now the system DON’T RECOGNIZE (ALSO IN THE
BOOT PHASE OF THE PC) my CRW2100E. :sad:

Could I solve the problem anyway ? Is there any program to
reflash CRW2100E also when the system doesn’t recognize it ?

Thanks in advance for any answers 6 Happy New Year to All ! :smiley: