Trouble uninstalling dvd43 - help

When I try to uninstall dvd43, I get a window that says:

Uninstall has detected that DVD43 is currently running.

Please close all instances of it now, then click OK to continue, or cancel to exit.

I don’t know how to close it as I don’t even now it is running. How do I close it so that I can uninstall? HELP!!!


Welcome to the forums-

Is it running in your lower right hand corner of your desktop?

If so - go to the “start” tab in the lower left hand corner of your desktop scroll up to the “run” tab - type in [B]msconfig[/B] - enter - go to the “startup” tab - scroll down and find the program that is launching DVD43 and uncheck in the box to the left - click the “Apply” tab on the bottom line of that box - close and restart your computer - when it reboots - DVD43 should not be shown in the lower right hand corner - and you can go to your control panels “add/remove programs” - uninstall it - reboot - and all should be well-eh!!

Plus a reboot with release whatever is using it.

It was idle in the lower right hand corner. Thanks for helping me with what was so obvious. I couldn’t see the forest for the trees. Have a good night.

Sometimes that’s the way it is :slight_smile: