Trouble starting up, no beeps/fans, please help!

Hi, I bought a few parts the other day and I’m having trouble starting the computer. When I turn on the power supply, the keyboard lights flashes once and when I turn the power on, the led for the power comes on and then nothing, no beeps/fans/HDLED, even after a minute.

Heres what my system looks like:

Asrock 775DUAL-VSTA LGA775 Conroe ATX PCIe AGP DDR/2
Intel Core2Duo E6400
EVGA Geforce 7600 GTKO 580MHz 256MB
Mushkin PC2-5300 DDR2-667 1x1GB
Seagate Barracuda 320GB SATA2
Liteon DVDRW
Fortron Sparkle 400W PS
Coolermaster Centurion 5 case

Here is a picture of my motherboard

I plugged in power supply to the ATX and the ATX12V, CPU fan into CPU fan connector, memory into DDR2 slot 1, hard drive into sata1 and powersupply, dvdrwers to secondary IDE, video card to PCIe, front USB to USB67, front speaker to speaker, front audio to HD_AUDIO1, and the panel1 with white wire being ground and nothing on dummy pin

Yep, and its not doing anything after I press the power :frowning:
I hope its not a hardware problem…I’m new at this, so any any help would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance

Try clearing the CMOS. Can you open the trays on your optical drives? I just looked up the specs on that PSU, only 14 and 15 amps on the two 12V rail. If you have a volt meter try reading the voltage from one of the molex connectors, the yellow is the +12V, the red +5V, the black is negative.

I’m guessing that like most responsible people you have gone back to make sure of you connections, no loose calbes or cards, IDE cables oriented properly…

I usually test like this
remove ram if beeps it means ram issue
if it doesn’t I put the ram back and remove video
U have to eliminate the 3 main things ram , video and cpu

For preliminary testing, you don’t need hard drives, optical drives, or USB cables etc.

When I build one I plug in the CPU and heatsink and fan, memory, monitor, and keyboard. Power on and hope it doesn’t smoke. :slight_smile: I do this on the kitchen table with the mobo on an antistatic mat.

If the BIOS runs, I plug in an optical drive and run a memory diagnostic.

check mouse and keyboard if ps2 connectors.