Trouble setting up host channel on Guideplus


I (eventually) successfully set up Guideplus on my Pioneer DVR a few months back but now I’m trying to do the same with the Sony HX750 - with no joy! The set-up is quite different so I can’t just copy what I did with the Pioneer.

I’m fairly certain I haven’t the host channel settings right, no matter what I do the Guide won’t download, but everything seems to be fine up to that point (eg the channel changes when the DVR sends a signal, etc).

When I go to the host channel set-up section I’m asked to choose a ‘Source’, either Tuner, Ext Rec 1 or Ext Rec 2.

I actually haven’t a clue what I’m meant to choose here, but I’ve tried all three. :o

I know I have to use ITV as my host channel - when it asks me to choose a ‘Programme number’ do I put in 3, ie the position where I’ve put ITV on my DVR/TV? If not, what number do I put in?

Any help would be HUUUUUUGELY appreciated! Thanks.