Trouble seeing/backing up Finding Nemo, and Ice Age

Have never had a problem with DVDFAB EXPRESS, and this may not be specific to DVDFAB product.

First issue arose with Finding Nemo DVD (brand new fresh out of the box, no scratches or issues). I tried to make a backup of just the movie on Verbatim and other Single Layer media, using Sony DRU-710A burner, and found that the audio was correct for the main feature, but the video was some interview with the director. Original played fine on dedicated DVD player, but the copy had no sincronization betweeen the Main movie and the Main audio.

After several failed attempts at copying the entire disc, and/or various parts to a single layer disc, I switched to Double Layer mode. Suddenly neither the Sony nor my other TDK Indigo burner would recognize the disk at all.

After Cleaning the disk, Restarting the PC, inserting and removing the disk, and various other toying, DVD Fabexpress suddenly recognized the disk and allowed me to make a back-up.

Out of curiousity, I rebooted the PC and again was not able to see the original disk by any means (My Computer, DVD FAB Express, DVD Decryptor, etc.). Tried to recreate the steps that previously caused it to appear in DVD FabExpress, and I was eventually successful, but did not find any specific sequence of events that would allow me to repeat the the fix at will. Disappearing act was also an issue on my Laptop DVD player, which does not have DVDFab Express on it, so I suspect it is a copy Protection issue.

I am now having similar detection problems with my newly purchased Ice Age DVD. Works great on Stand alone DVD player, but is not detected by any of my PC DVD players, Laptop or Desktop, using any of the means at my disposal. I have yet to discover a sequence that will make this one apear.

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated?